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Wisco Pop Organic Craft Soda
Organic Craft Soda All Natural Wisco Pop available at Organic Soda Pops

Wisco Pop Organic Soda


Our Story

In 2003, Austin set aside his artisan beer obsession and began experimenting with other craft beverages. Starting with small-batch ginger beers and fermented fruit bubblies, demand from friends and family began to outpace his hobby-level production. Austin's wife, Hallie, suggested using honey to sweeten his ginger brew. Wisely, Austin obliged as he always listens to his beauty. After perfecting their craft brewed soda recipes, Hallie and Austin decided to take the plunge and combine their love of soda with their deep respect for the local food movement and launched Wisco Pop in July of 2012! They worked along side Zac’s seed-to-plate Homegrown Pizza cart for a number of events, and while we won’t say it was love at first sight...it was damn close. Zac’s organizational skills and knowledge of plants and agriculture make the three a perfect match to bring craft brewed soda to Sconnie and beyond.

When sourcing ingredients for our sodas, we're thinking about one thing, Keepin' it Real. No processed corn, no artificial flavorings. Nature has all the flavor we need, fresh fruit juice, pure wisco honey, and genuine spices and herbs, for a real Wisconsin brew. Wisco Pop! makes it okay to drink soda again. So welcome back old friend, welcome to, Real, Fresh, Soda.